"QA" Quoting Artists Gallery is a platform that allows an artist from all mediums to explore and exhibit while letting their body of work speak for its self. Hence the name of the gallery, “QA” Quoting Artists. We offer eclectic exhibits touching all your senses through the arts, while seeking to encourage an interaction between audience and artists.

The company has exhibited under different names as Pop Up exhibits “The Artists Lounge Montclair”, “The Way Nature Planned It” Green Exhibits, “Jelly Bean Arts “Pasadena. This open style of exhibiting has also ventured to New York, New Jersey, Italy, Southern California, and always with the vision to support and promote the Arts in a unique space.

The exhibits will touch on Music, Visual Arts, Mixed Medium Arts, Culinary Art, Short Film Screenings, Accessory Art, Book Signings, Enlightening Health and Wellness Exhibits by local and globally known Artists.

Exhibits and Artists information contact:

Joelle DeBrest Owner/ Curator